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Finding a Particular 建筑

To find the location of a building on campus, visit our 校园地图.

The 校园地图 is an interactive service that allows you to view information about a particular building, including available historical facts and the academic or administrative offices located in the building. It also provides walking directions from one location to another.

Finding a Facility Within a 建筑

Some of our facilities, presentation venues and meeting rooms are located inside a particular building. Here is a list of some of them and the building in which they are located.

设备/服务 建筑的位置
书店 学生中心,地下室
咖啡馆吴廷琰 斯普拉格图书馆1楼
会议中心 大学大厅7楼
福克斯剧院 演讲建筑
George Segal Gallery Red Hawk 停车 Deck
Information Technology Helpdesk 大学大厅5楼
科普休息室 俄国人的大厅1楼
Leshowitz Recital Hall 查宾厅, 1日,地板
包裹取件(邮政服务) 大学 Facilities 建筑
1908 (formerly Rathskeller) 学生中心, 地下室
红鹰食品储藏室 布兰顿大厅1楼, Room 1200
山姆的地方 米尔斯大厅, Machuga山庄

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